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Brokerage Services

Commercial brokerageBona Corso & Associates is a commercial and residential real estate brokerage located in Pasadena, California.  We combine our comprehensive knowledge of the Southern California area with significant real estate experience and efficient technologies to maximize client satisfaction, profit, and wealth through commercial and residential real estate transactions.   Every Lease, Purchase, or Sale of property negotiated by our associates is guided by one principal: To secure the most advantageous and ethical transaction for our client. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Our experienced professionals assist clients with multifamily, office, industrial, and property management services. Our associates have access to all of the resources needed to close transactions, including, available listings, databases, sales comparisons, and our unique investor network.

  • We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.
  • Our success depends on our clients reaching their goals.

realestateCAWe assist in buying, selling, and leasing commercial and investment properties. As our clients search for new properties to purchase or lease, our real estate asset management expertise is put to work for you as we assess all aspects of properties under consideration. When clients are interested in selling properties, we assess the potential of their property, make recommendations for improvements that will assure they receive the best possible offer, and market the property to potential buyers. .

Serving the Southern California market, our successful residential division is the result of making every client a premier client, and by giving 110% in every transaction. Our associates are experienced in relocation, buyer/seller representation, single homes, condos, and new builds.

  • Put 31 years of combined real estate service to work for you.
  • Our most valuable asset is Honor, Integrity and Trust.

With years of experience in a broad spectrum of real estate activities including development, marketing, leasing and sales, the agency has a large pool of contacts and methods from which to attract potential buyers. The team researches unusual qualities of specific properties in order to determine a unique blend of uses to attract interested purchasers. Bona Corso & Associates takes pride in looking beyond traditional limits to offer new potential uses so our listed properties stand out from all others in the area.