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Property Management Services

Bona Corso & Associates is committed to providing outstanding real estate management services at very competitive prices.  Bona Corso and Associates offers property management of mid-sized, and small residential properties, as well as ALL types of commercial properties throughout Southern California and NNN Leased properties throughout the USA.  We can be retained to provide complete management services, including lease-up and on-going management.  The following is a summary of our basic services:


  • Leasing – A licensed and experienced leasing agent is available to take calls and show rental properties seven days a week during normal business hours, excluding holidays.  All sign and advertising calls go directly to the leasing agent’s cellular telephone, not to an answering service. We have a toll free phone number to insure contact can be made with management.
  • Marketing – We promote your property with a Professional on-site sign, inclusion in our website, the MLS and local advertising. We do additional  internet advertising at no cost to the property owner. 
  • Tenant Screening – We carefully screen each applicant by doing a thorough background check; including a full credit report, a nationwide unlawful detainer search, reference checks, employment and income verification and other inquiries as necessary.
  • Lease Forms – For all of our client’s properties we provide the most up to date leasing and legal forms available.  These forms are approved by the California Apartment Association and the California Association of Realtors as well as the national Association of Realtors. For Commercial properties most forms are approved by the American Industrial Real Estate Association.
  • Property Inspections – All properties are inspected at the time the property is placed under our management or when there is a change of tenant.  There are also periodic exterior inspections and an annual interior inspection of all properties as needed or requested by the property owner. A photo record is kept for all properties.
  • Accounting – A computerized statement of expenses and income for each property is provided to the property owner on a monthly basis.  All funds are maintained in a trust account at no cost to the property owner.  Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is available to all of our property owners at no cost to the owner. Tenants have the ability to pay rent online via our website.
  • Maintenance and Repairs – We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies. We arrange for and supervise all authorized maintenance and repairs.  We hire only the most qualified personnel who are insured and licensed (if necessary).  
  • Performance Guarantee – It is our goal to provide a quality property management solution to our clients. If you are unsatisfied with our service for any reason, you may cancel our contract by giving a seven (7) day written notice.
  • Eviction Coordination – In the event that an eviction needs to be performed or collection services are needed, we will coordinate with an eviction attorney or service firm to handle such matters.
  • Capital Improvement Estimates – Keeping quality, loyal tenants is important. Keeping the property in good repair may require capital improvements. Our management will provide estimates for the work required and oversee the work through satisfactory completion.